About MTB Tools

Our Story

MTB Tools is a small, privately owned and independently operate machine shop. We have been riding and working on bikes for many years.

As the bicycle industry evolves the standards change. What was a common component one day is left behind the next. We create fitment solutions to utilize your parts with newer or upgraded frames, forks and hubs. These include dropout and sleeve type adapters, and hub width adapter sets. Along with assembly and installation tools, oversized cogs and spacers of all kinds, we try to provide simple, common sense answers to the fitment issues created by the constantly changing industry standards.

MTB Tools

For MTB Riders, By MTB Riders

Our Philosophy

MTB Tools mission is to provide the highest quality custom mountain bike components to riders world-wide. Each of our products is made in the USA with American materials and is 100% guaranteed.

If the part does not fit or needs to be modified it can always be returned and replaced. We take great pride in ensuring our products make your ride the best that it can be.